What is a
Heat Pump?

It cools and heats your home.

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The System That’s Powerful and Efficient

Imagine having the ability to cool your bedroom at night without having to cool the whole house. Or cool your home office to 68 degrees while leaving the playroom at 76 degrees. LG’s heat pump systems offer the ability to set individually preferred comfort settings for each zone or room in the home.

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Our heat pump technology offers you the ability to apply zoned heating and cooling only where you need it.

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Saves on cooling costs over traditional systems by up to 20% with ENERGY STAR® rated models.

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Offers a better alternative with less reliance on fossil fuels and incentives in many areas of the country.



Eliminates the “whoompf” on/off sound and noise from typical systems by slowing down and speeding up without turning on/off.

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Maintain setpoint with the ability to adjust the operation of the HVAC system up/down to match the load.

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12-year cumulative warranty when installed by an LG Pro Dealer

1. Upon expiration of the product's original manufacturer's limited warranty period, an extended "limited" warranty "period" may apply on parts and compressor for qualified "and" registered LG Residential Light Commercial (RLC) products.